Money Savers


How To Keep Your Money Safe While Traveling
Bring cash (best value for money), credit cards, and traveler’s cheques. ATM machines are available the world over and work well. Debit Cards have security issues and your card number and PIN could be hacked.

Credit/Debit Cards/ATMs
The best option is probably credit cards. Credit cards help to protect you from fraud even after a purchase is made. When you do use an ATM, make sure that you read the fine print; sometimes fees add up to an uncomfortable surprise. Whatever kind of card you bring, make sure you tell your bank or credit card company and ask what they charge for international withdrawals. Banks and credit card companies will deactivate your card if they see financial activity far from home to help protect you. A simple phone call can save you this trouble.

Never, ever, e-mail your credit or debit card number. Find a secure way to send that information as there are programs that can ’sniff’ 16 digit character strings.

ATMs have become the trusted friends of travelers the world over in recent years. However, more and more ATMs have become the targets of thieves. Along with the conveniences, technology also brings with it threats. ATMs can be fitted with plastic sleeves that make your card stick, small cameras may be installed to record you entering your pin, there have also been false readers installed over the real ones to pull off your card’s magnetic signature and even false keypads that record your PIN. Whenever possible, use an ATM inside a bank or in some other secure area.

Cash from major currencies are almost always exchangeable anywhere, particularly US Dollars, Euros, and Pound Sterling.

Traveler’s Checks
Travelers' cheques are a safe form of money to travel with as they can be refunded if lost or stolen. (Not the cheapest)

Important Document
Make scans of your important documents to save you from difficulties when any of the original documents are lost or stolen. e-mail it to yourself and it will remain in your email (online) ready to be downloaded should you need it.